Intersectional IFMSA General Assessment Survey


  1. Background: Intersectional IFMSA General Assessment Survey

  2. What Applicants need to do:

    1. Fill in the survey in order the provide input regarding discriminatory incidents and  human rights issues they face or aware of within their NMOs and IFMSA settings

    2. Share the survey with IFMSA members and encourage them to participate

  3. Relevant Links:

    1. Link to survey here.

  4. Deadlines:

  1. 30th of May 2019 to fill in the survey


Dearest members,

IFMSA is a platform where students from all over the world gather together to realize the universal values of medicine and human rights. However, despite the vocal and strong cause we unite for, we are not immune from the discriminatory and oppressive mindsets, ideologies and behaviours that takes over our societies. Thus the Intersectional IFMSA Small Working Group was set off during March Meeting  2019 with the aim of assessing the current situation within IFMSA, encouraging collaboration among our members, and mobilizing the whole federation to be aware of the responsibility we have.

What to do now?

As the first step of our assessment process we need you to fill in our general assessment survey which you can find here.

With this survey we aim to reach you as our individual members to assess what you think about the current situation in IFMSA, what is happening, what is done, and what needs to be done. We hope you answer every question as candid as you can and reflect your experiences.. The survey takes approximately 5 minutes to fill in and you can participate until the 30th of May.

For the future:

Of course for the work of the SWG, involvement of our members is the key! Very soon we will be also releasing a call for SWG members who will be able to contribute in analyzing input and formulating materials and recommendations! So after participating in our survey make sure to also stay tuned for the call!

 If you have any questions, recommendations or contributions please contact us through with the subject [Intersectional IFMSA].

We are looking forward to hear from you,