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IFMSA | Call for Small Working Group of Policy Contributors

We are very happy to open the call for the Small Working Group of Policy Contributors that will create the first draft of the Primary Health Care policy document.

The policy document will be presented for adoption at the upcoming General Assembly August Meeting in Taiwan. It is being proposed for the first time and is aligned with the Global Priorities on Universal Health Coverage and Social Accountability in Medical Schools, among others.

Please find below some summarized information on the current IFMSA policy documents structure as well as the SWG task description and the selection criteria:

About IFMSA Policy Documents:

The sections that should compose an IFMSA policy document are the following:

  • Policy statement: Short and concise document highlighting the position of IFMSA for specific field(s).

  • Position paper: A detailed document supporting the related policy statement that contains background information and discussion.

Find a full list of adopted policies here. For more details, please refer to Article 15 of the IFMSA Constitution & Bylaws.

General Task Description:

SWG coordinator (1 person):

- Coordinate the work of the SWG, in close communication with the RD EMR.

- Be responsible for meeting deadlines and following the set timeline.

- Ensure motivation and participation of SWG members.

- Open a call for input prior to the deadlines established in the bylaws to collect and implement an initial wave of amendments.

SWG member (3-4 persons):

- Be an active SWG member, communicate and interact with other participants, reply to emails, and engage in the development process.

- SWG members will set a timeline for the development of the policy document, which ensures a preliminary draft by mid January and aligns to the deadlines in the bylaws that concern policies submission.

- Review the literature and collect data on the topic, contribute to the development of document's sections.

- Open a call for input prior to the deadlines established in the bylaws to collect and implement an initial wave of amendments.

Selection Criteria:

1. Experience in the topic of Primary Health Care..

2. General experience in policy making (related to IFMSA policy or any other policy processes).

3. Good motivation and availability will be taken into account, too.

4. Gender and regional balance will also be highly taken into account.

To apply for this SWG, please fill in this application form until the 21st of April, 23:59 GMT. The SWG is expected to begin work on April 25th.

In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime at I look forward to receiving your applications!